About Us

Being a Women’s Health provider can be a daunting task. Even though we have only a few organs in the one pelvis, the myriad of conditions that women deal with during their life-spans require a vast depth and breadth of knowledge so that you as a provider can truly help women live the life they deserve.

My career has taken me through many countries. All that experience has helped me acquire breadth and depth of knowledge in managing various GYN conditions. As a practicing physician for over 25 years, I have helped women of all ages deal with a variety of health conditions, be it menopause, puberty, fibroids, abnormal periods etc.

After my own graduation from my first residency in India and then from the United States, I realized that even though I was a qualified board certified OBGYN , I was left at a loss when it came down to practically helping women get better. I am sure those of you who are practicing Women’s Health providers totally get what I am talking about.

I dove into self-learning and more and more fellowships. Whether, you are dealing with recurrent vaginitis, PCOS, PMS, low libido or abnormal uterine bleeding, you need to know the why, what and how of the condition so that you can not only treat the condition but also provide appropriate preventative care.

At this point, I have been teaching, mentoring and precepting students, residents, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and physicians for over 20 years now.

I finally decided to put together a learning portal for all women’s health providers that will equip them with actionable, yet in-depth GYN tool set and make them more comfortable and knowledgeable when treating women.

These modules will start from the foundational knowledge of each condition and then evolve into the full spectrum of diagnostic and management algorithms.

We are working on getting CME credits for each of these modules. However, I did not want to delay access to these modules because there has been so much demand for people such as you to learn more about everything GYN.

Honestly, these courses will help anyone who wants to be an informed person, not just a health care provider. Women are their own best health advocates. These modules will empower you to have an informed discussion with your providers wherever you go thus enabling true mutually shared decision making leading to optimal health outcomes.

So, friends and colleagues… here is to education.

Enjoy and empower!

Dr. Gupta